måndag, september 29, 2008

English, please

Maybe I gonna begin to speak english now, and also write of couse.. So I have it in my system when I take the small step for mankind, but the big step for me, out of the plain and on JFK-airport!.
Or what do you think about that?

The hard thing to write and speak english is that fact that I'm a bit bad to know what word that comes first and last in the wording. The grammar, and everything around..!

And also that I'm speaking school-english, and not american..

Of course I have learn to speak after all the episodes in many, many series I have looked at, Gilmore Girls is one of them!
But OK, I don't think I gonna speak as fast as they speak in that show..

But who knows.. In about one year I maybe have stopped to speak swedish.

äsch. orka.
Jag håller mig nog till svenskan ett tag till..

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